Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Family time

We had a busy last few week. Lots of time in the kitchen and lots of time as a family. I had committed to making cupcakes for a wedding before I knew I was expecting and I really wanted to be able to do it and thanks to my mom we pulled it off. 
Then this past weekend we want to grande bear lodge with Colin's family for our summer outing. We had a blast. Thanks Clint & LeAnne for all ur work planning! 

After baking cupcakes the girls were all about "cutcakes" every time they got in their high chairs. Which meant I had to sneakily trick them for breakfast one morning. Zuchinni muffin and yogurt on top to appease their cupcake fix. 

Thankful that at age 2 my daughter finally takes a paci and sits in all the baby equipment without screaming. (Eye roll)

Getting some reading time with daddy in. 

When you finally trap the skunk that's been eating your cat food you have to come up with a solution to get rid of it. 

Blanket securely over the trap

If only the thought that "taking care" of the skunk behind the barn would keep the stink from permiating the entire surrounding area actually worked. 

Cuddling and Sharing their sippy cups with hadley before nap time.

The Girls have graduated to the table for meal time. Still need their boosters to sit high enough but no more cleaning up trays for this mom! Yay! 

The following is usually how all our car rides are. I have been blessed with really good riders. The girls can travel the hour and a half drive to Tremont without any toys or books. They tend to pass the time by chatting back and forth and giggling at each other. 

Hadley is still a relatively good baby. We have hit a few bumps in the road and are now just exclusively pumping which seems to help some of her fussiness.  She is growing like a weed and has the stretchiest & squishiest skin ever. I love it! 

Grand bear lodge pictures.

I don't have a lot of blog worthy pictures - we spent a lot of time in the waterpark, cabins and in the Arcade area. The kids just had a blast. A perfect place for our kiddos ages. 

These 6 kiddos were all born within one year of each other. It's so much fun to watch them all interact. And now they are followed by 4 more babies. So the Ray steidinger family will very soon (hurry up baby Nuesbaum) have 10 kiddos 3 and under 

 Arcade slide that didnt require tickets. Lots of rides for these kiddos

Bounce house fun! 

We made it home Saturday night just in time to host date night.

We served lunch on Sunday so by Monday morning the girls were so tired. We didn't get a ton accomplished around the house but we did get some snuggles in. 

Oh sweet hadley. So thankful she seems to love her sisters. 

So excited to enter into the land of clearance shopping. with the twins it was always hard to find two of the same size so I mostly bought their cloths from other twin moms on facebook. A quick trip into target lead to a cute cheap outfit for miss Hadley. Who looked adorable and so grown up in it. 

Tired Monday's meant early naps. Tana almost didn't make it through lunch. 

And finally, all 15 dozen cupcakes ready for the wedding. 

Oreo blast decorated with a sunflower.

Chocolate Craze

White chocolate raspberry

And my lil helper who got us up and started at 5:00am. But it was nice to be done early and she was so content thru it  all. 

Thanks for reading
God bless

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hadley Grace (1month)

Miss Hadley Grace is one month. It's seems crazy and time is just flying by. I feel as though we are already on the verge of moving out of the newborn stage which makes me so very sad. 

Having the twins adds to the busyness and there are days when it's 2:00 in the afternoon and I haven't hardly eaten let alone showered and put my hair up. 
I feel at some points that we didn't even hardly get to enjoy hadley as a newborn it's just going so so fast. But then I'm reminded the twins were five weeks early and not very fun at this stage so it seemed that they were newborns for so much longer

I think this little girl is right over 10 lbs. (I weighed her on the scale with me) She is a little chunker and I'm loving it. I love that she is starting to get rolls on her arms and legs and her double chin.... 

Ahh my favorite! 

Sleep schedule
This lil girl does pretty good at nights. We have had a few rough nights but not terrible by any means. She is just a little picky about where she wants to sleep. It seems every night is different. We started out in the rock n play and then moved to her swing and then a pack n play. So far it's a guessing game which one she will fall asleep in each night. Her favorite is our bed but I'm not a huge fan and don't want to get that habit started. She sleeps  3.5-4 hours with an occasional 5-6 hour stretch. 

Hadley eats quick and only every three hours. She averages just 10 minutes to eat and then she needs to burp and she is good to go. That's probably my favorite about this little girl. Makes night feedings easy and doesn't disrupt our day to day schedule much at all. 

Personality/day to day
She is slowly starting to be awake more and she is typically content to watch me from her boppy. But she also likes to be held and I'm thankful that she lets me know when she is sick of being set to the side. I enjoy loving on her but I can get caught up in cleaning and doing laundry. I've been working really hard to spend time with all the girls while they are awake and let the house rest. When nap time comes all the work will still be there for me. 
She travels great and loves her big sisters. She will just sit and watch the girls and doesn't seem too bothered when they are messing with her. 
She is maybe a little colicky in the evenings but nothing too horrible. We tend to have a rough hour or so around 10ish until we can get her settled down. But it's nothing we can't handle. Hoping to try gripe water and see if it helps. 

Thankful for this first month and looking forward to this next month. I love when those smiles and coos start. And I'm excited to see all the girls interact. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

If walls could speak

Oh, if this house could speak.... I would be mightily embarrassed im sure, but let's just say we, at the Steidinger household, never fail to provide entertainment. 

Just a few pictures from the past week. Colin and I have joked as the girls have regressed in  areas. (Church, praying, throwing food on the floor, and so much more) that things were "just getting to easy" we are hoping that in the next few weeks we can sort out some of the behavior issues; right now I'm just keeping in mind that we taught them once before we can do it again. (Sigh) 

But life has to get back to normal.... 
I made it to the store with all three of them, and no behavior problems. Thanks very much to the car cart. 

And we have to make memories.....
Colin and I also made it to the Bloomington fair with the girls. They had fun on the carousel (even tho they sat in a bench instead of a horse) and they loved the animals! 

First taste of cotton candy. 

They loved it. 

We were headed home and Colin decided to get out and show the girls a crop duster up close and personal. Needless to say they weren't the biggest fans. 

What happens when daddy is in charge of getting the girls Sunday shoes on. 

We tried to get a picture before church.
The girls were all adorable... As you can see it didn't turn out the best. Poor hadley. 

Hadley after church Sunday. No need for a nap when you sleep all day long in church. 

Someone (Kynli) has been into her bloomers lately. Maybe she will potty train easy if I treat her to cute undies (I can dream can't i) 

And when it comes to Hadley.....

I thought the pack n play would be a safe place for Hadley. Except it has wheels and there isn't a net on top to catch the various items being thrown into it. 

Poor thing, glad she seems so content around her big sisters. 

How I found them after I asked them to help me give Hadley apparently that bathtub is there's? "mine" "mine" "mine" (bathtime will resume after they are in bed from now on!)

It's just been that kind of a week! 

No... I'm being very serious! 

Poor Hadley! She really is never safe. 

Ahhh! Caught ya. 

obviously the muffins needed salted

I guess the girls thought it was a good day to play hide and seek. 

"Mom, am I ever gonna survive a day without getting tortured? 

Happy 1 month girlie. Together me and you will make it through! Somehow....I Absolutely love and cherish your calm nature. You really are just the sweetest!!! 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed today's post.