Monday, February 16, 2015

Pregnancy update!

Today marks a pretty big day. As of today we are officially 19 weeks prego with baby #3. It was at my 19 week appt with the twins that I was put on bedrest. Crazy to imagine!! 

Sometimes Colin and Iaugh at how different this pregnancy has been. So far so good! We have our 20 week appointment on Friday and if all looks good then,  that will be our 3rd and final sonogram with this baby. With the girls we had over 20 sonograms with a scheduled sono weekly after 19 weeks.  So it is such new territory to rely on faith this time around that everything is going good. 

I know that the first pregnancy always comes with impatience and excitement to get everything together. By this time we knew the gender of the girls and I had already purchased far too many clothes and had our cribs boughy and the room painted. I can officially say that I have done absolutely nothing in preparation for Baby 3. But since we don't plan to find out the gender I figure I won't spend as much time hunting for clothes and baby accessories. The room though... I'm thinking I should probably put some thought towards that. 

I have just started feeling this baby move  And it's not uncommon for me to go a whole day without any movement. -hoping for a laid back little one- I felt the girls start moving at 13 weeks and they let me know daily if not hourly that they were alive and kicken. 

Obviously it's a much different pregnancy. Two versus one! But with the girls I had gained 12 pounds by the 19th week. While I started out a few extra pounds heavier this pregnancy than I wanted I havnt gained anything so far and really havnt had to go searching for bigger clothes yet. Which is all exciting and strange at the same time. 

Morning sickness and migraines have been my only complaint so far. And hopefully we are past that. I'm thankful God is giving us an easy going pregnancy. So easy going that sometimes when people congratulate me I have to remind myself exactly why they are congratulating me. 

I think in part that has to do with everyone's prayers! So thanks all! We really do appreciate all the love and support from our family and friends! 

God Bless

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rages on!!

Good night. 
Seriously that's what I should be saying right now instead of starting a blog... But thus I'm have always been a terrible procrastinator....
And I wonder why I always want a nap. 

The teeth battle continues to rage. And I'm no longer fighting it. Medicine here, medicine there, Scooby snack here, Oreos there, ice pop here, extra cuddles there. One way or another we will get through it. 

Capturing the beauty of quiet contentment  together. 

Mom needed out of the house so Monday we spent the day with daddy plowing everyone's driveway. All bundeled up. They did great all day long! 

While Kynli slept Tana got a break from the car seat when daddy want to talk/work in the shop for a few minutes. 

Aunt Elsie came to visit and got the grand luxury of enjoying the squeals that come with each and every picture of a kitty. 

We watched cousin Karli for a few hours today and as always the girls were mesmerized. They love her... And follow her around like a puppy. 

Scooby snack break. 

Karli teaching the girls how to "cheese" Kynli figured it out! 

With two days of my normal non picky eaters this mommy decided to give in and resort to junk food just to keep their bellys full. stupid teeth! 

Look at her chomping on that molar. Alright already... You won... Just finish popping through! 

And Oreos for desert/snack. 

Or should I say just the Oreo cream for this smarty pants. 

Well that was quick and fast. Now if only it will upload that fast. Have a great night all! 

God bless. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Isn't for the weak

Good evening! 

The girls have had a rough few days. I'm gonna blaim it on the teeth again (mostly cause that's easy to blame things on) but either way I am trying to enjoy the small moments and not take out my pent up emotion on my poor hubby. But seriously... Parenting isn't for the weak, parenting a child that's teething isn't for the weak, and by golly parenting two little girls who like to fight and spat like chickens all the time sure isn't for the weak.
But I know in a few months I will look back and laugh. I reread my past blogs and wonder how we ever made it through... And one day I will do the same with this one I'm sure. In the mean time I'm gonna pretend like I don't having a growing baby in my belly that is going to make things even more interesting come summer. 

The only high lights it seems that my girls even have remotely enjoyed this week are oreo's, eggs, kitties, and their dad. Random but for real! 

Oh and Kynli enjoys every back run she can muster out of her dad. I must not have the puppy dog eye figured out yet... No back runs for me. 

Caught in the act. Montana has this thing at snack time. She takes her bowl of snacks, eats them as fast as she can, and then goes straight to kynli's bowl to steal all her goodies. Kynli finally standing her ground and letting Montana know she is through with sharing! 

Kynli has always been a bit of a show off. So it's never surprising when she is the one I find I have more pictures of. Below we were learning how to make kissy faces and sounds. 

She also finds herself in some tight situations from time to time.

Just getting their kitty fix in before bed one night. I think our phones have our google search memorized by now. Kitties, kitties playing, kitties sleeping, funny kitties, kitties... 

We paid another visit to daddy at work the other day. I was so proud of Montana. She is always more timid and the first visit she didn't wander from my arms. This time she got down and as long as she was touching a gate she was fine to move around. Kynli was all eyes to see what has been taking up daddy's evenings and attention lately. I will admit I'm kinda partial to the cute little piggies but I'll be glad when they get a little bigger and take less time so we can actually start eating supper together again! 

Uncle Kendall came up this week and of course the girls were excited to see all his pictures of his doggy and kitty... Okay well maybe they could have cared less about his puppy but the kitty they got pretty excited about. 

Larissa and baby tae came for a visit today and we all met at great grandma and grandpas. I'm so thankful the girls are blessed to have these two in their lives and pray for many more years and memories! 

Thanks for reading! I'm actually kinda hoping we get hit with all this snow this weekend. Call me crazy but I figure if we are gonna live in this cold we might as well have some snow to go along with it. 

God bless! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

The real deal

Good afternoon all! 

Today's post is all about the real deal parts of motherhood.

Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning I hear the most stomach churning sound. It's the sound of two little girls waking up far to early. Time after time I have tried the following, grab the girls and then quietly lay them in bed with me and then lay really still with the hopes that my kiddos will notice my exhaustion and cuddle in beside me. 
hAHAHAHAHA!  Funny joke right?

Typically the following results
 Eyes still closed I aimlessly try to grab at random limbs as my children walk around on my bed inches from the 2 1/2 foot fall to the floor. And within 5 minutes we are all up and out of bed as I can't handle the abuse of two littles jumping on me. 

The girls have gobs of loud annoying music playing objects.  Lots of toe curling sharp pointed toys laying all over the floor.  Yet it is the tiniest little things that keep their attention for more than 5 minutes. So the other day I spent occupying the girls with noodles and cool whip containers. Homemade projects are the best! And the girls loved them. Just three small holes and four noodles broken down that the girls would put into the container through the hole. Working on our hand eye coordination. 

Or another real life problem is that of finding shoes for tiny little feet. I like to stock up on the shoes from the Facebook resale page for twins but it doesn't always work. Like these cowgirl boots that were two sizes to big. Which doesn't matter to these girls... They are the biggest shoe lovers. 

Walking was a little difficult and a few minor falls later mom was back to looking all over for silly shoes that actually fit
And thanks to all the helpful responses on Facebook. I finally found them some Sunday shoes at good ol Walmart! Yay for finding some and for the same Walmart actually having 2 of the same size and same color! 

Cupcakes had a small break which was actually quite nice. But had another order this week and it was super duper enjoyable and relaxing. Plus it included my favorite. Lemon raspberry!! Yum
And the final real deal of being a mom...

At the ripe age of 22 I am now a mini van mom. We were planning to get one from my brother and sister n law so I was preparing myself for it in a month or
two. But then this past week we found a great deal on a honda and in less than 24 hours we had traded away our Edge and were thrown head first into the next stage of parenthood. 

And yes I will admit on more than one occasion I proclaimed the statement that "I would never have a mini van" ... Yup I was one of those... But to be honest it took one day for me to get past the mini van status and fall in love with the convenience! Seriously I love how the honda drives and that I can just click a button and my girls can waddle outside and pull themselves up into the vehicle and find their car seats all by themselves!! Ahh I finally can feel a sense of relief and independence. 

So yet again I am humbeled and thankful as God thrusts us head first into  being the parents of three kiddos. 

Thanks for reading!
God bless! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Will this blog ever post?

Good morning all 
I've been trying to post this for like the past week but keep having computer issues... Anyway i wrote it last Friday so keep that in mind. 

It's 8:30. The girls are talking in their cribs above me as I lay wrapped up in my covers feeling tiny little movements in my belly. The sun is shining off the snow and into my window and my husband has long galivanted outside to do chores. It's peaceful! And I'm enjoying every second. 

If someone would have told me when I was complaining a year ago that I still wouldn't sleep more than 2 nights in a row until my children were 16 months old I think I would have had a full blown, crying meltdown. 

Almost two weeks ago I made the mean mom decision and upbrubtly took the girls bottels away for good. It lead to some tumultuous days and some long evenings as we waited for them to finally fall asleep. But it is with great joy that I can finally say I have slept an entire 8 nights without getting out of my bed!!! Yay!!! 

No more 3 o'clock trips to a screaming child who immediantly quiets when I walk in the room as she hands me her empty bottle that she wants filled. 

We started our official date night a week ago and it want splendid. So excited to have a planned date 6x a year! 

I got the girls new boots a while ago and they are plenty big on their feet. But the girls found them again and couldn't have been prouder to tramp around the house. 

Mom got to go on a date with two of her dear friends and then come back and enjoy as they hung out with my kiddos! Melted my heart! 

The flash ruined the complete affect but it's still adorable

I saw these bathtub crayons in target and couldn't resist. Makes for some extremely
goofy little artists in the bathtub though
Ahhhh there is beauty even in the cold! 

Montana couldn't have more excited when I let her drive up the lane after getting mail one day. It was so priceless to feel her little hands push the steering wheel from side to side. 

And her passenger who was checking
out the beautiful scenery ... Uh hmm I mean pig barn. 

Kynli snuggling and making silly faces with mommy. 

Goffy girl! 

Well it is official the pigs have arrived. The barn was finished in the nic of time and now we have 300 squirming little piglets running around. Waiting for the rest of their roommates joining them on Monday

Well Have a "stinky" fabulous day!! 
God Bless

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas 2014

Sorry for the absence... I need to finish loading the rest of the Christmas pictures but for now just a preview of the Fehr Christmas at mom and dads. 

So excited for Christmas Day! 
 The day was going fairly great until we decided to take the girls on a drive before lunch so they would fall asleep for their nap. Upon returning we accidentally locked them in the vehicle. Thankfully it was still running and it wasn't too cold out. 
After out feeble attempts we had to call the experts (I'm sure the Tremont police were real impressed) but thankfully after a little more than 30 minutes we got them unstuck. 
And the girls were great sports! It's a good thing too otherwise I don't think their daddy would have had a problem busting open the window with a hammer had they been screaming inside. 
And then it was time for gifts. The girls had fun and enjoyed it far better than last year. 

But I think uncle Kendall's kitty got them the most excited. Poor Denali I think she was ready to go home! 

And then we "tried" to get a picture of all the girls

Family's pictures are a must! 
The whole crew! 

The following was at the Kilgus Christmas. The girls are no longer scared of grandpa's wheel chair. Especially since they hAve figured out the horn and how to get it to move. I thought this picture was pretty adorable! 

Anyway I have more picture of Christmas' but I'm sick of putting off the blog while I wait to upload so in the meantime I'll just give you a preview. Thanks for stopping by. I'll try not to wait so long for the next one. 

God bless!