Friday, October 17, 2014


Sometimes I hate how busy we live our lives... Actually all the time I hate it!! Recently I tried to just slow it down a little. Enjoy the friendships I have in life and spend time making new friendships. 

I had Lisa over for coffee last week. The girls adored sweet Oliver and I adored our pumpkin coffee and our conversations. I love talking with her and am blessed by her friendship!   

This past Wednesday I had Kyla and her girls over. I don't even know the words to describe how enjoyable I found that afternoon. Dalyah excited and terrified me when I think of the future with my girls.
Out of the mouths of babes... 
"I'm gonna be a big sister but it's a secret so don't tell my mom" DISCLAIMER -Kyla isn't preggo Dalyah has a new obsession with wanting a brother
Make my hair CRaZY!! 

And then today I had RAya over.  I love that the girls have so many cousins close in age and I'm thankful for all my sister n laws. It was wonderful to catch up and reminisce. 

Busyness can distract us so much and I'm thankful for the moments when everything is put aside and friendships blossom!  

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God Bless

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grand Bear Lodge

I'm gonna brag! Like really really brag about my awesome hubby! Yesterday he calls me and asks me what I would think about a surprise trip to Grand Bear Lodge with the girls for the evening since it was raining. 

I mean seriously! How fabulous is he!!! So of course I said yes and by 2:30 we were headed towards starved rock in anticipation of an evening away from stress! And it was just that! 

The girls road really good on the 1 1/2 drive and caught a cat nap so we could make use of the water park before it closed. We spent 2 hours enjoying the water park and after several minutes of very cautious girls they finally started to venture out. It was so much fun and I loved watching their daddy and them bond over giggles! 

Not verymany restaurants around so we had to make due with take out! And the girls were good sports about it  ^
Finally daddy all to ourselves 

This man is such a good daddy!! I hate that harvest takes his time away from his girls but I know it's one of the defaults of being a farmer... But so many perks that I can't get too upset! 

So thankful my hubby could make use of the rainy day to spend time with us!!! We love you Colin!! 

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God Bless

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pigtails and more!

As a little girl I had a head full of dark thick hair. I had always imagined the girls would have the same, while they did have hair when they were born it quickly vanished in a month or two. So I am so overjoyed that their hair seems to be coming in with some waves and it's growing pretty quick too! 
Couldn't have been more excited to get it into these two pigtails. ^
And Montana's even want up into a single pigtail. It was adorably tiny and so cute as it flipped into a perfect little bun shape! ^

The girls had shots yesterday and I'm so thankful that they handled them! Like so so well!!! Usually we have a rough week but so far with their one month shots their only reaction was a low grade fever. Even so... This momma spoiled them with a bath mid morning! Who can resist these giddy girls and their love for
Their baths! 

They struggled with bed time as well but this momma doesn't care, especially when daddy is outside harvesting late! 

The girls love their little lambs and just recently makynli has been obsessed with dolls and her lamb, I don't think she could have squeezed this lamby any harder. Both arms completely
Interlocked smashing the lamb into her chest! Absolutely adorable! 
As much as I hate cold weather there is nothing cuter than winter jackets and furry boots! 

Cupcakes are still taking off ... A few of my most recent orders below! 

And just a cute picture to end the blog! The girls love reading and I caught this picture recently! Makes car rides so much easier!!! 

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God Bless

Monday, October 6, 2014

Thanks Mom & Dad

Knowing that baptisms were coming up and it was the same week as homecoming I was in search of a babysitter. I mentioned it to my mother and she said of course!!! Like any grandma would. But then she also offered to keep them overnight. Yay!!! 

So this past Saturday I met her in Bloomington to give her the girls and head back. 

But the week leading up to that Saturday the girls had been overwhelming their mother. I think a lot of it had to do with harvest... Missing their dad.. And Nasty colds. The girls have also started to get little attitudes and have begun hitting and fighting. Yes you heard right... And we are struggling with discipline. Spanking or swatting is out of the question because it causes them to do it to each other... And they aren't really old enough to understand words. So right now we are trying high chair time outs... I will have to get back to you all on how it turns out for us!! 

Anyway enough with the ramblings. Today is Monday and I think the girls just needed a break from momma. Absolutely no fighting... No random fits... No struggling at nap time. So thank you thank you mom and dad for taking the girls for a bit!! 

I am So loving today and all the cute pictures I got from these sweet little girls today! 


Have a wondeful Monday!! 
God bless

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Phone app

I CANNOT believe that I didn't find this app earlier! Seriously it's the blogger app and I can upload my phone pictures directly onto it and type up a blog WITHOUT having to send, save, and reopen them on all my computer! Yay!!! 

Which means lots more random fast blogs from this mom and hopefully less Facebook. And who knows maybe even some videos! Whoop whoop!!  

So a few pictures before I hit the hay for the night. Mom and dad took our girls this weekend so we could enjoy the testimony of our oldest nephew on Colin's side. It was wonderful and sad all at the same time to have some alone time together... And without the girls
As our alarm clocks we may have slept in a little too late

After a blessed day of watching my nephew make a covenant to The Lord and be baptized unto our wonderful Lord Jesus... Colin and I headed down to Larissa's for an evening with the family and some squeezes from baby Taelyn!! 

We had a game of bachi* ball... Which Klayton and Luke won. Then inside for some snuggles.

Is to it so adorable to see such big burly men (tehee) hold their little neices? 

It was a wonderful evening and this mama and papa are glad to have their girls back home... 

 And then just a fun picture to give you app a laugh. 

Thanks for reading 
God Bless

Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's a choice.

Two blog updates in two days. Now that's pretty crazy, must mean we have been lulled up in our house for a few days. I know there are things waiting for me to do when I finish this blog. Laundry to fold, cupcakes to make, clothes to iron, but I can't help but take a few minutes to document again.
And then when I finish this blog I may just forgo all those jobs and sit on the floor and read to the girls...
Gasp.... leave my house a bit a mess?

Why yes...because i'm sick of being that mother who is always comparing myself to the mom next to me.  I want my girls to remember me as a mom that got down on her hands and knee's and spent quality time with them. I want them to see that I notice them and that I enjoy taking them for walks in the wagon. I don't want them to remember that my house was a bigger priority than they were when they were as little girls
Someday as they get older I will spend time teaching them to cook and clean. We will spend time making cupcakes and learning the correct cleaning products for various things. But right now... I want to teach them to have fun and enjoy the little things, I want to watch their expressions emerge as they learn the joy of new things daily...

Every mother is different. We all value different things... But my time will come when I can value my clean house.. but the time to value my girls is right now.

I love how much they enjoy their books, and when I take the time to sit down with them it is such a joy when they bring the book and both snuggle their way onto my lap
 I mean how boring would laundry time be if the folding pile wasn't big enough to play in
 And isn't it a joy when you watch them as such little girls learn how to love on a dolly. Makes my heart melt as it's pure instinct and I want to be right beside them catching all those sweet little motions as they pat the baby on the back and rock it -not so gently- back and forth
 When they get bored with one book and want another to read I want to be within earshot to hand them another one.. to be close enough to snap the pictures of them snuggling as they read together
 To sit and giggle along with them as they rock and drink their Sippy's in the goofiest ways.
To be there to break up the ever present fights and squabbles as they learn how to share toys.

I want to be the mom who can quietly and loving discipline. To show my girls the love of Christ daily. The mom who my girls feel comfortable with as they walk through life, the mom they can ALWAYS confide in. I want to model my mother as she was so present and interested in our lives through out our school years. Each day we have the choice to decide what we will do with our time. I'm going to go ahead and take the advice from so many and choose to spend my time capturing the childhood of my kiddos' .... cause it's a choice

Thanks for reading my ramblings
God Bless

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Daddy Time

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and he is the most amazing dad. I never thought I would actually find a fault about him being such a good dad... but the day has come. He is so loved by his daughters that this harvest is already taking a toll on his little girls.

Typically the girls sleep until around 7:00 everyday. Since harvest has started though and their usually evenings with their dad is being disturbed they have come up with a solution. Much to their mothers dismay both girls have been up at 6:00 the last three mornings to greet daddy and get a little bit of love before he heads out for the day.

I have tried to come up with solutions to see more of daddy during the day. We tried the semi, but both girls are so obsessed with getting daddy time that they just HAVE to be on his lap, and once on his lap the big steering wheel appeals to both of them.

We want on a parts run with daddy on Saturday morning. The girls were so excited to see him that they sat in the back seat and kicked their little legs as fast as they could while staring at daddy with a grin on their face. And it's always a plus when it takes forever to find the part... so mommy has to come up with a way to keep the girls occupied in the car.

Clint (colin's brother) usually drives the combine but while he was having supper Colin and I took the girls for a ride in the combine. It was an epic flop. We had to get out at the end of one pass and catch a ride back in the semi. Both girls wanted to be on dads lap which is unachievable when he needs to be migrating straightly down the rows.

We spend as much time outside as we can. The girls have to be in the wagon for me to manage both of them. We have people coming and going from our place all day long and occasionally the girls even get a few cousins that stop in. Karli got a few extra guesses on her Birthday night so I had to grab a picture of all (girl cousins) their are two more little boys that could fit into this cousin picture.  All 6 of them were born in 1 year. Gonna make for a few crazy years!

And let me tell you if dad is anywhere around the girls have absolutely NO desire to be with their mommy. Always keeping an eye on daddy...
Thanks for reading
God Bless