Thursday, March 26, 2015

One Hour

I had seen this idea on another moms blog and had tried to file away a memory to do it someday with the girls. "The one hour challenge" The mom took about an hour and snapped a picture of her kiddos every 5-10 minutes. I thought it was such a fun idea and would be a good way to capture just a sneak peak of what it looks like in our house with the girls....
so here ya go.....
This morning I snapped the first picture of the girls cause they were being so sweet and innocent. Giggling on the stairs as they would go in to kiss each other. I had no sooner put a picture on Instagram and walked out of the room when I heard some more giggles....
Five minutes later I'm snapping this second picture to send to my mother n law.  The girls think they are big stuff now that they can master the two small stairs at our front door. Apparently Kynli thought it would be a great idea to give her mother a heart attack by trying it on the big stairs. And Montana was right behind her just a giggling....
So the idea hit me... two pictures in five minutes... sounds like a great day to do the 1 hour challenge.

This is where I found Kynli a few minute later. She wasn't very impressed with the camera I think I interrupted some serious business going on inside that box... if you know what I mean... Pe hew!

And then we hit our annual snack time. And of course both girls want to wait on their stools while mom got their fruit snacks.

Oh dear... here comes that silly camera again. I'm pretty sure I better hurry up and get down before I get a swat.

Putting our Magnets from the front of the dishwasher into the bowls we just apprehended from the Tupperware drawer. Makynli was very organized and had hers all nicely placed.

Can you see the extended hand. That would be a fight over those nicely organized magnets getting thrown all over the floor by her sweet sister.

And yes can you believe it...  we are 15 minutes into playing with the very same magnets (I told you they are a phenomenon at this house. But now instead of being strewn all over the entry way... they are all placed delicately inside the boots that had previously been on the drying mat.

Whoops.. mom was doing laundry and the time elapsed a little... But never fear...  Montana is still on the magnet kick.. thankfully those ducts are magnetic!

And it wouldn't be an appropriate hour without a mention of "Daddy" So I had to smile when I want to find them for their last picture. The quietness had me a bit worrisome. But no big deal... Just up on their new favorite ledge watching "daddy" (pretty sure it was someone else entirely) work on the sprayer. Either way it made their day.

Thanks for reading. I was a little nervous that the girls would disappoint when I started the challenge. I feel like all I ever do is share how busy they are and how little I accomplish around this house. But I guess who can expect me to get much done when I'm walking around the house taking pictures for an entire hour.

anyway... I think they showed their true colors pretty well.

Hope you enjoyed and all you other mommy bloggers... I challenge you! It really is pretty fun!

God Bless!

Monday, March 23, 2015


We have had a bit of a rough week. My mother laughs at me because I blame everything on their teeth. I think this past week can be attributed to the redness surrounding their "I/eye" teeth. But it could also be because of the cold weather, busy daddy(because mommy is never as fun), or the runny noses that they have. Either way I'm looking forward to better days.

But in the meantime I have captured a few moments from inside the life of motherhood. The inside scoop where my kiddo's aren't dolled up with bows in their hair or pants on their legs. The inside scoop where I haven't pushed all the toys out of the way to capture a pretty picture to share on instagram or Facebook. Just the plain Jane Steidinger household full of toys and chaos...

Like the chaos of three humans in one crib. So much for trying to solve the problem of them both wanting to cuddle. It turned into war fairly quick! Makynli was all about it.. so much so that the thought of a cuddly nap had alluded her, Montana on the other hand was NOT impressed that Makynli was invading her quality time with mom let alone that we were all in HER crib.

Because it's a pretty rare day that my house isn't already torn to shreds by 10:00am. When the girls were really little the toys always stayed in their toy room. And most of the nights I could shove it all in one box and call it good. Add a kitchen set, Legos, magnets, and puzzles pieces and it's fair to say you can find a little piece of my children in each room... or in each of Colin's boots.
and I thought we were done with the toilet paper battle. They hadn't touched it in months.... but hey... they were quiet for a few moments anyway.
Colin had sent me a picture one evening while I was away of the play room all organized and cleaned up. Isn't he just Great!!! I thinks so.  So the next morning I proudly sent him a picture the playroom he had so graciously cleaned shortly after the girls woke up. Hey....  here's to hoping that one day a man will understand just how easily our houses gets destroyed and that I REALLY did do something today despite my floors speaking otherwise.

But it is all worth it in the tiny little moments of silence as the girls play with their toys.

An occasionally I can get in a few minutes to organize cupboards before baby #3 arrives.

And the magnets. Oh let me explain the magnet situation at our household. I never knew just how many everyday objects are magnetic. Did you know the bottom base of the toilet is magnetic. My washer and dryer are both magnetic. The very bottom lip of my oven is magnetic. The handles on one of our dressers is magnetic. The inside of the vents are magnetic.... and those are just to name a few.

oh and if you wonder why my pictures are always of my children undressed its because typically the girls and I aren't ready to see company before 10:00am. I don't know if any of you other mothers of small children have the same battle. It just seems that by the time we eat, change diapers, clean up the kitchen, attend to arguments, and finally get ready it's close to late morning before the girls are presentable. I could probably fix this if I set my alarm to wake up before  the girls start chattering upstairs but I figure enjoy the extra sleep while I can... right?
and then moving away from the chaotic mess of our home and onto another moment of motherhood that creates stress in my life. And it is.... you guessed it, church!

However in defense of my children it does seem a bit unrealistic for me to imagine that my busy little girls can endure such a long time of quietness and sitting. Especially as their typical 11:30 naptime changes into a 1:30 naptime. They don't like the church cribs and frankly I like that they wait till after church as I am just as exhausted and ready for a nap as they are.

Plus it just is not their nature to sit still and I'm coming to terms with it. I have learned that comparing my children with the other children is not realistic and causes me to become pretty discouraged. Instead I enjoy the little moments as they have started to sing along and move to the rythym of the songs. The little moments they squeeze their eyes shut and fold their hands and look at mommy for my approval during the prayers. It's those little moments that give me a glimmer of hope that they are learning

and in the two seconds it takes to maneuver out of the church parking lot and onto the highway the girls are fast asleep and as always mommy and daddy quickly remember just how beautiful parenting really is!

But their are still sometimes you have to scrap it all. You have to just wake up... ignore the messy house, forget about the broken dryer and the loads of laundry piling on the floors, forget about healthy breakfast rules and clean clothes. You just load up the van, grab a veggie tales movie and some donuts and take off on a farm errand with dad.

I hope you enjoyed a small peak inside our home. Some of things I document probably seem pretty silly to some of you. I apologies for my random blurps  but a lot of my blogging is so that I can look back and smile at the small things that seemed to occupy such a big piece of our lives and smile and thank God for this ride we call parenthood.

Have a great day all!
God Bless


(Kynli has been dying on my lap to touch the kets so I hadnto  let her)

Saturday, March 14, 2015


The girls just can't get enough of the great out doors. I new the past few months had been getting rough in regards to their fighting but I didn't realize just how bad until it suddenly disapeared when we could finally go outside. 

All the sudden they became the best of friends again. Just trotting all over the place (Montana even mastered the entire 1/4 mile lane) not scared of a thing. Except the mud on their fingers as they refer to it as "stinkies"

So far this week we have managed to get outside for atleast an hour or more each day after nap time. it's  amazing how much faster the afternoon goes and how much cleaner my house stays. 

So far so good. I'm a little worried for the first rainy/cold day that comes our way. I'm not sure how the girls will handle being cooped up again. 

But in the meantime, we will enjoy the moments before baby #3 comes and we aren't quite as free as we feel right now. 

Enjoy the few pictures. It's been a great week and a great day to be with daddy on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon/evening. 

Happy Spring! 

No longer do they enjoy just sitting in their seats. 

So fun to wait while daddy grills 

Helping daddy

Lunch in our wagon

Long walks on open country roads 

Fun at the park

Not scared a bit

Fun to play in the rocks 

Walks with daddy

Thankful for our blessings! God is good!! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

It's getting warmer

Yay for warmer weather! The girls are so sick of being in the house and honestly so am I. 

I try hard to keep them away from technology, I don't want them to be used to sitting in front of a screen especially since I wasn't raised that way and I look forward to watching their imaginations grow. But if I'm completely honest there are days where it would be so much easier to let the computer pass the time. 

And there are moments... Moments when I let them watch the wiggles and get their dance on... It's adorable! Seriously I always laugh.  And their expressions as they watch the singers is my favorite! I love having a front row seat to new experiences

And I love that they always have their Dolly's in hand. And the cutest thing is when they can get their hands on both dollies it's sweet to see that their natural instinct is to take care if two babies at once. 

They had the sweetest daddy on valentines day! Two tulips for two little girls

Passing the time by coloring and eating. Seems they enjoy some of the same past times as their mommy. 

I also made the worst mistake ever when I started letting them help in the kitchen. Now it's a constant battle of keeping control of kiddos while on the countertop. 

Yeah... No worries.. They are no longer allowed on the side if the countertop that the stove is on... It gives me scary dreams just looking at this picture. 

The best 18 month picture this momma could grab this past Friday! Crazy that we have made it this far. 

I am introducing the girls to their potties.
No we are not potty training! I'm not that crazy yet. But since they like to tell me when they go stinkies. I thought we might as well get use to the idea and work on their fear of the toilet. 

Naps with daddy! I'm in love.!

Just a little cousin day. I think it's bonkers that these kids are getting so big.

Colin and I had a weekend away this past week and my parents kept the girls...more of those pictures to come soon. We had a wonderful time! 

Daddy time! Ahhhh seriously The Lord has been so good to me.

Baby #3. With short little limbs, a big head and big belly I think it's safe to say this baby is definitely ours! 

And the glory of the great outdoors. Today was spent moving rocks from the sidewalk and into their proper place. 2 hours later and I still had to deal with fussy little ladies when it was time to head in. 

Sorry for the pause button on the blogs. But it is busy and my app was messed up on my phone so it was more complicated to get pictures uploaded, have a wonderful day and enjoy the warm weather. 

God Bless

Monday, February 16, 2015

Pregnancy update!

Today marks a pretty big day. As of today we are officially 19 weeks prego with baby #3. It was at my 19 week appt with the twins that I was put on bedrest. Crazy to imagine!! 

Sometimes Colin and Iaugh at how different this pregnancy has been. So far so good! We have our 20 week appointment on Friday and if all looks good then,  that will be our 3rd and final sonogram with this baby. With the girls we had over 20 sonograms with a scheduled sono weekly after 19 weeks.  So it is such new territory to rely on faith this time around that everything is going good. 

I know that the first pregnancy always comes with impatience and excitement to get everything together. By this time we knew the gender of the girls and I had already purchased far too many clothes and had our cribs boughy and the room painted. I can officially say that I have done absolutely nothing in preparation for Baby 3. But since we don't plan to find out the gender I figure I won't spend as much time hunting for clothes and baby accessories. The room though... I'm thinking I should probably put some thought towards that. 

I have just started feeling this baby move  And it's not uncommon for me to go a whole day without any movement. -hoping for a laid back little one- I felt the girls start moving at 13 weeks and they let me know daily if not hourly that they were alive and kicken. 

Obviously it's a much different pregnancy. Two versus one! But with the girls I had gained 12 pounds by the 19th week. While I started out a few extra pounds heavier this pregnancy than I wanted I havnt gained anything so far and really havnt had to go searching for bigger clothes yet. Which is all exciting and strange at the same time. 

Morning sickness and migraines have been my only complaint so far. And hopefully we are past that. I'm thankful God is giving us an easy going pregnancy. So easy going that sometimes when people congratulate me I have to remind myself exactly why they are congratulating me. 

I think in part that has to do with everyone's prayers! So thanks all! We really do appreciate all the love and support from our family and friends! 

God Bless

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rages on!!

Good night. 
Seriously that's what I should be saying right now instead of starting a blog... But thus I'm have always been a terrible procrastinator....
And I wonder why I always want a nap. 

The teeth battle continues to rage. And I'm no longer fighting it. Medicine here, medicine there, Scooby snack here, Oreos there, ice pop here, extra cuddles there. One way or another we will get through it. 

Capturing the beauty of quiet contentment  together. 

Mom needed out of the house so Monday we spent the day with daddy plowing everyone's driveway. All bundeled up. They did great all day long! 

While Kynli slept Tana got a break from the car seat when daddy want to talk/work in the shop for a few minutes. 

Aunt Elsie came to visit and got the grand luxury of enjoying the squeals that come with each and every picture of a kitty. 

We watched cousin Karli for a few hours today and as always the girls were mesmerized. They love her... And follow her around like a puppy. 

Scooby snack break. 

Karli teaching the girls how to "cheese" Kynli figured it out! 

With two days of my normal non picky eaters this mommy decided to give in and resort to junk food just to keep their bellys full. stupid teeth! 

Look at her chomping on that molar. Alright already... You won... Just finish popping through! 

And Oreos for desert/snack. 

Or should I say just the Oreo cream for this smarty pants. 

Well that was quick and fast. Now if only it will upload that fast. Have a great night all! 

God bless.