Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Normal

We are adjusting to life as a family of 5. So far things are still going considerably better than I anticipated. The girls still love miss Hadley Grace and are all about kissing her and making sure she has her paci at all times. Whenever they leave the house with daddy they are sure to make sure mommy and Hadley both get kisses. It's quite adorable!! 

I try to still spend 2 hours of quality time with just the girls if at all possible during the day. Hadley tends to sleep a lot still so I leave the screen door open when me and the girls go outside, or prop her on the table if we are reading books or playing kitchen. Here is to hoping it continues to help them transition this smooth knowing mommy still has time to spend with them. 

Here we are having a car wash... Mommy
got a good tan and their cars got cleaned after being sprayed with grass remnants when we mowed the yard. 

Miss Hadley Grace has been just the biggest blessing these first two weeks! We are hopeful her contentment continues. She is still nursing and sleeping 4 hours at a time at nights with an occasional 5 hour snooze. 

We were able celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary this past weekend. Hopefully I can post some more pictures later this week. So thankful  that grandpa is doing well and it was amazing as all 81 of us were able to be together for the day on Saturday. 

It was a big weekend for these little girls. We had a few moments of chaos but for the most part Colin and I did pretty good being outnumbered. We were all thankful for a few moments of quiet at nights tho!

The girls seem so big now. Remembering them at Hadley's age feels like just yesterday, but then I turn around and they are playing dress up with Mommys shoes or making me coffee in their kitchen and I am reminded all to well how fast time goes. 

Grocery shopping at the Steidinger household. 

Hadley's place of safety. Until one of us forgets to pull our chair back after eating and then she is quickly overtaken by her big sisters. 

While hadley doesn't get held near as much as her sisters did during the day she does get spoiled in other ways. I never got to take the girls on outings with me. So it's really fun to be able to take Hadley along when I run to appts. 

And m&m don't mind going to grandmas with the "kitties & chickens"

We did manage the Tazewell fair this week. Although it would have been fairly impossible without the help of aunt "elsieeeee"
She seriously is the best! 

Hadley's opinion of the heat and stink

Loving the big "chickens"

Waiting patiently for uncle klaytons turn to show his "bunnies" 

Isn't he just the best uncle!! Love how much these girls are getting attached to their uncles lately.

Miss elowen sage came for a visit yesterday. 2weeks vs 11weeks. Isn't she just a little thing. So excited to have a baby girl so close with one of my friends. Here's to hoping they get along and like to hang out in the future. 

So you may be wondering about all the quotations. As I've mentioned before my blog is a bit of a diary/journal for my girls as they get older. So all the words in quotes are words that they can say. And just another side note, I never proofread! Ever! And I'm terrible at grammar and punctuation so again I apologize for all the errors but it's usually a fast and furious process to get my blogs done and up before somebody needs fed or changed. 

God bless and thanks for reading! 

Monday, July 20, 2015


Well... It's been a few days and I am so thankful to say that the adjustment of moving from a family of four to a family of five is going wonderful!  So far anyway

The girls havnt really been too shook up over having a new baby around. Which was a huge surprise as before hadley was born anytime Colin and I would hold another baby the girls would pucker up and start sobbing. 

If anything I have to worry about them smothering her. So far Hadley has been kept up nice and high so the girls can't reach her. 

Daddy is loving these quiet nights with his girls. Our biggest (if not only) behavior issue is bedtime and naps. We have had to have a few "monkey" (curious George) nights to help calm the girls before bedtime. But we still seem to average about 30 minutes before the girls fall asleep. 

We had an appt Saturday to check Hadley's weight. Thankfully she has gained since the hospital and seems to be getting plenty to eat. Our only issue was that she is slightly jaundice. So she has had a few naps in the sun lately. 

Going into this pregnancy I struggled with a lot of anxiety. As the due date approached I spent countless nights laying awake as I tried not to worry about  this babies personality. 
I know there are others out there that dealt with colicky and reflux babies that can relate ..... but looking back at the first 6 months of the twins life there isn't a whole lot that I would ever wish to repeat. The nights were long and the days I spent tired and overwhelmed as they screamed and fussed. I remember countless nights spent rocking and shushing babies while repeatedly telling Colin we were not having anymore kids. 

I feel very blessed and a little overwhelmed with just how wonderful our first week has been with Hadley. She has been a dream come true in so many ways. She has been sleeping wonderful at nights. She goes down around 10 and is up between 1 & 2 to nurse and then around 5-6 to nurse again. (She even gave me a 5 hour stretch one night) Then she is awake for about an hour so I give her a bath, start laundry,  make some coffee, and shower. After we climb back in bed and fall asleep until the girls get up. 
I have had lots of offers to help during the day... So thanks to everyone! But we are finding our biggest battle is the mornings. Getting the girls fed, and changed while having a hungry baby seems to be almost impossible. Thankfully my wonderful hubby has been getting up to do pig chores by 5-5:30 the last few days so he can be in around 7:30 to help. 

Today he even took the girls with him until nap time. They couldn't have been more excited!! 

He snapped a few pictures during chore time. He said he wasn't even too interrupted. The girls want off by themselves and kept themselves occupied while he worked with the baby pigs. (Thankful that the timing worked out and that the pigs are brand new and the girls can go with him safetly) 
Daddy couldn't be more proud that his girls aren't scared of the pigs. 
Who needs boys anyway??
Colin said he just peaked around the corner to get these pictures. Not staged at all
Almost makes mommy sad how much fun they have with dad... Just don't smell their hair too close. (Any recommendations for good smelling shampoo that won't sting their eyes, baby shampoo isn't cutting it this time) 

And while daddy and the girls played with the pigs, mom and Elsie got to play around with Hadley and the camera... Well mostly just Elsie snapped away but I enjoyed watching. Much better than the twins newborn shoot. Hadley just hung out and slept... The girls screamed their entire shoot. 

I still struggle with anxiety as bedtime approaches. But so far God has provided  and I'm enjoying each sleepy newborn moment we have. It truly has been a wonderful week being a mommy to three girlies. 

Thanks for reading
God Bless. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hadley Grace

She is here! 

Hadley Grace Steidinger 
7'10" & 20in. 
7/14/15 at 4:43pm

Right before we headed off to the hospital Tuesday morning, we were so excited to finally meet our baby! 

SHE is here. Making a grand appearance miss Hadley screamed for the first 5-10 minutes of her life. Maybe just a little unhappy to be leaving the safety of moms tummy. 

Much more content once she was all swaddled and cleaned up. 

Right away we decided she looked like the girls except she sports a little more of the Fehr genes. The girls had little pig noses and Hadley's looks more like Mommys.

We waited awhile to have some alone time and some skin to skin before calling everyone. We made sure the girls were the first to meet our little princess. They were very intrigued for a whole 2 minutes before finding the hospital room to be very adventurous. 

Just a few pictures from our hospital stay. Passing her hearing test
Getting ready to get her weight checked. Little miss want home from the hospital at 7'4''

Getting her first real outfit on.

All ready to head home on Thursday morning. 

Mom and dad were so ready to get home and have all our girls together again! 

My favorite pictures captured with the twins was when we finally got to walk out of the hospital. It was just as wonderful this time around. 

The girls were so so excited to see us, and were very interested in the "baby"

They couldn't get enough. I think I'm gonna have some big helpers. 

Kisses for baby! 

While Hadley seems to enjoy her swing, it doesn't look like she will get to enjoy it unless her sisters are napping. 
Our first night at home. It want wonderful. My milk came in and she was only up twice to eat. Much better than our nights at the hospital! Excited and hopeful that her eating habbits continue as she eats every 3 hours and latches great! 

Friday morning was very eventful as the girls decided to wake up at 7:45 and baby was right behind them and all three were hungry. 
It ended up being just fine and so far the girls aren't toooo jealous, after we all got settled down we spent some time just bonding and finding all of Hadley's facial features. "Nose, Ears, Mouth" 
Help showed up at the perfect time and I was able to shower and get myself put together to start the day. So far we are all doing great and slowly settling into our new routine. 

Just a few pictures we got from the hospital. I thought they did a fabulous job! And little miss was awake for almost all of them. 

Oh goodness I am in love with her rolls. Just look at um...

Hehe... This is my favorite! Check out her little back. 

Feeling blessed. 

So excited for the future! And for the joys of having just one little one this time. So far it has all been very enjoyable but it should be pretty entertaining as we move forward with three little girls. 

Hadley Grace, mom and daddy love you so very much!! You have humbeled us as we watch God place another beautiful little baby in our care.  And you have a special little angel watching over you. I wish so badly I could see the smile on Gracie's face as she looks down at your sweetness baby girl... 

Thanks for reading
God bless!