Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

We are keeping busy around here and I am loving it. It's a good busy. Cupcakes are taking off and i'm thankful for that. Here are a few pictures of our past few weeks.
 First pigtails. Yay for little girls who sit while mommy plays with their hair.
 Had the funniest car ride this past week. Unfortunately the dog got into rat bait and had to spend a few nights at the vet to get some shots. When I took him he was so sick that I had to carry him. So instead of taking the truck to pick him up I took the edge. Well needless to say he was feeling MUCH better! The girls were squealing and he was yelping back at them... so funny!
 Going down to get the mail in our wagon that we got for our birthday.
Mommy had to grab her coat so we could all match
We had two Saturdays this past weekend. Sarah got married in the morning and I was honored to be in her wedding.
My cousin Ashley got married in the evening and it was so much fun to catch up with classmates
 Chillin at home with daddy! Love that she climbed up just so she could hang out with her dad.
 Colin want to Big R the other night to get some garbage cans and light bulbs. As he walked out of the store he had a huge grin on his face. Needless to say he forgot the light bulbs but came home with a gift for the girls. Yeah a six foot in diameter bouncy house filled with balls. I think he is wrapped around their fingers.
 Reading "tractor house" before bed time
 Hanging outside dressed all up in  our warm fall clothes

Montana loving the extra cake pops that mom makes with the cupcake leftovers.
 Sharing our Birthday Present. The girls love being pushed in the car.
And mom has had a few busy days keeping up with her cupcakes orders.
Thanks for keeping up with us.
God Bless

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Girls are One!

The Girls are One!!!
Yay! We have officially conquered the first year. The girls birthday was this past Saturday and luckily we were able to have a birthday party the same day. My wonderful friend Elsie was able to make it up for the party and not only captured the pictures from the party but also took some family pictures for us. For more pictures you can visit her blog (on my list of blogs I follow)

We had a great time at the party. It was just family and a few friends. The following are the cupcakes I baked for the girls.
 Pink Lemonade
Salted Caramel
 Cookie Monster
 Having Fun with Uncle Kendall

So many people to spoil them
 Close up of the cakes I made for the girls
 The girls share their birthday with their Great Grandma Fehr. Happy Birthday Grandma
Dig In! I was hoping they would be super messy but instead these girls pulled one on mom. Daintier than a princess these two were.
 So daddy though he needed to help them out
Getting all cleaned up. I think it's slightly funny that hey are naked but still adorned in bows. (I know your smiling at this comment Grandma Kilgus)
 Presents! Thanks everyone the girls were very spoiled
 The girls gift from Colin and I. We are already lovin it!

Priceless Moment!
Such mixed emotions as we wave the first year good bye. So many memories. Good and BAD! But while I don't wish for their baby day's back it is sad to see how fast it has gone. I have fallen in love with this next stage and if I could hit the pause button on life right now I would love to. Thanks for keeping up with our family. I can't believe how many times I have heard that people read our blog and love to hear about our every day lives. So I will try to keep up the blogging as best I can. In the mean time have a wonderful evening/day and enjoy the rain!
God Bless

Friday, August 22, 2014

11 Months

 Only a month left until the girls are a year... well actually only two more weeks by the time I got to actually publishing this blog. Just a few pictures and a recap of our past month.
How's it Going?
This past month has been the best we have EVER had! Better even than their first two weeks on earth when all they did was sleep. The girls have become best friends and each other's entertainers. I have finally found myself having free time even while the girls are awake and playing. I even took a shower while they were awake and playing in the bathroom. (First time ever with just us three at home)  
The girls love to eat. They aren't very picky and seem to be bottomless pits. At this point it looks as though they have their father metabolism! Yay... An example of a single lunch for the girls would include splitting both a cheeseburger and a quesadilla followed with finished off their basket of fries. And yet they still took their bottle 20 minutes later before nap time.
Still getting better. They continue to wake up once a night or early in the morning for a bottle but no complaints from this mother! It's pretty good for now. We sometimes take two naps a day but I think they are slowly transitioning into just an afternoon one.
Towards the end of 10 months we had to visit the doctor when the girls had a fever and symptoms of a sore throat. They weighed in at 19.28 (Montana) and 19.26 (Makynli)! Crazy how insanely close their weights are! Still in the 20th percentile
Both girls had their bottom teeth at 11 months. Montana has since gotten two more but that will have to be marked down in her 1 year blog post
I'm going to go ahead and combine the girls for this one. Mostly because as I reflect on their previous months posts I laugh at how much the girls switch back and forth. Both can be the aggressor or the agitator. Both can be mellow.. both are go getters... both are snugglers... both are ornery... both can be little stinkers... both can make mommy want to scream... both can make mommy giggle....  Both have mommy's heart! I say this because a lot of twin moms will easily point out their kiddo's differences. And while yes... the girls are independent of themselves they do tend to be very similar in most things at this point. Making me excited and nervous for our future!

God Bless!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bake 350

Bake 350
My newest adventure.

I have always had a passion for art. I took it all through high school and even considered possibly being an art teacher for awhile. I also love baking. I did it often when I younger.. (my mother can account for it as she usually had to deal with the mess afterwards as I was never too good at getting everything all cleaned up)

After I got married I would make cupcakes every now and then and always loved coming up with new ideas and spent far too long looking up new recipes and creations. It's been a dream of mine to have a little coffee shop/bakery someday but I didn't really think about it being possible. Then after I had the girls and realized that with two little ones I probably wouldn't be able to have a job outside of the home for several years I started to contemplate different things to do from my house.

First I thought of painting for people, but realized I like it far too much as a hobby and didn't want to ruin the joy by making it a "job." It wasn't until I made cupcakes recently for a shower that it hit me how enjoyable I find it. Why not? So I brought it up to Colin and without a single hesitation he encouraged me to "go for it" So here I go....

Within days after Colin told me I should try it out I received a call from my aunt who wanted to know if I would be "interested" in making cupcakes for a baby shower. Little did she know that that was the final push from God... just that extra spark of encouragement that I'm not crazy for trying to take this on.

Each and every time I sit down to bake or decorate the cupcakes I find myself falling in love with my newest creation and accomplishment. And while I love being a stay-at-home mom it's wonderful to have something different to fulfill that need of accomplishment that I'm actually "doing something"

My plan isn't to make this blog into an advertisement so every now and then I will show my most recent cupcakes but I don't plan to blog often about this endeavor. But as a reference if you would ever want me to bake cupcakes for you give me a call or email. 1-815-419-8239 or colinnlynelle@gmail.com.

Enjoy the pictures to follow! I had way to much fun creating all of them!

For a Baby Shower
 Chocolate Cream Cheese
 Pink Lemonade
 Cookie Dough Surprise
A special 1st Birthday
Snickers Delight and Cookie Dough Surprise

 And a perfect smash cupcake for the special guy!

Thanks for stopping by!
God Bless!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bathtub fun

This week has been really really good. Granite we have yet to actually go anywhere for more than an hour but the girls have been so cooperative during the day. The mornings are always the best for us. The girls are super happy and generally occupy themselves until nap time. Afternoon is usually the struggle but this week the girls have been content with me just being in the room. We recently moved our office desk back up to the play room so I can be with the girls and be getting work done... and blogs! yay!!!

But enough with the ramblings what I actually wanted to share with everyone was the sweet pictures that Elsie Koch (Signature Photos) took of my girls. If you are interested in her work you can go to the blogs that I follow and you will find her under there. She does great work!

Keep in mind these aren't edited yet but I wanted a few pictures of them in the bathtub to eventual hang in the room. Plus who doesn't love those cute little bathtub pictures that our parents snapped of our siblings and us in our bathtubs with soap bubbles up to our necks?