Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling ahead!

It wasn't until around the girls 5 month birthday that I realized what a fog I had been in. It wasn't a depressed fog... but more of an "always trying to catch up and stay ahead of life" fog. I felt like each day was another race.... I'm not sure if i'm describing this the right way but to me it makes sense. (smile)

When I first felt ahead was shortly after the girls came down with RSV. Strange? yes I know! But they seemed to be more tired and as long as I was in the room with them they were okay to lay on the floor or lay in the rock n plays. I finally could catch up on little things like laundry, book work, and cleaning without having to have another person here to watch the girls.

We did regress for about two weeks when their sleeping habbist want CRAZY and I was too concerned when my next nap would be than doing anything else but FINALLY we are back to our new normal.

The girls have been giving me 8 hour stretches every night (ya... still can't believe we finally made it to this point!) and now play very well on the floor together. Although they still like me to be in the room with them I can always move them to whatever room I'm cleaning so it's been handy.

Also with their new sleep habbits comes crazy happy and content little girls! The past two weeks have been so so much fun! They are working on crawling, giggling, and discovering each other. As the girls get older I'm amazed! God is so creative! The way He designed the human body is such a mystery, but I love it! It's been so fun to watch the girls slowly discover new things... even just the way they can now move their little fingers to grasp each others ears or to open the pages of a book is so intimate and amazing!!

Thankful that Gods grace continues and is so sufficient as we raise these girls.
Enjoy the random pictures of our last few weeks

"so big"
"look mom I can flap my arms like a bird"
 Traetyn came for a visit!
 such a ham for the camera!
to precious!
 Had some of my high school friends up for an evening of "catch up"
 Had some visitors.. The girls were on spring break and came out one day to help. Consisted of making supper, spoiling the girls, and giving these girls make overs!

and as always raiding aunt Lynelle's closet for shoes and anything else that remotely fits the girls.
 I love when they end up in the same position!
Montana ^
Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Making memories with the girls is so much fun!

Colin and I have only taken the girls away for a few nights once back in December. It want pretty smoothly so we decided to try again. Thanks to Colin's sister who invited us to go up with their family to Chicago for a night.

We also decided to bring my brothers along as Klayton was on Spring Break and has actually never been to Chicago before. It was wonderful to spend some time together and to watch them interact with the girls.

Also an update on the bottle battle... WE WON!! For the past week the girls have gone to bed around 8:30 and sleep until around 4:15. We give them a bottle and they will then sleep until 7:45 (sometimes even 8!!!!) I was slightly nervous that this trip would mess them up but they were amazing!! Bed a little late but slept all night!!! yay for this change. I feel like a whole new woman!!!

The kiddo's were so excited to get out of the car seat and stretch  out on the bed after the car ride down.
Supper at Rain Forrest Café' Great place to take kiddo's!!
 First time swimming.. So excited!!
 Montana ^
Makynli ^
It was a little cold so we only let them stay in for about 20 minutes but it was really fun! Can't wait for summer to get here!!
Having to be a little creative and inventive when feeding time comes around. Some pillows and a helpful hubby made for a pretty successful chow time!
 Makynli ^
Montana ^ 
All excited to go to the shed aquarium this morning!!

The girls enjoyed all the colorful fish! Definitely a good spot to take little girls who love to see  what's going on around them at all times
 Quality time with their uncles
The group watching the beluga whales
a few tired and one loony.... after several hours at the museum
Daddy & Makynli
Mommy and Montana
 Daddy/Daughter & Mommy/daughter... much needed one on one time!

Montana ^
The girls were such little good car riders. I was nervous especially as we have a trip to Colorado approaching us in June which is quite a bit longer than 2.5 hours.
It was so fun to be able to be with extended family but my favorite part is watching my girls continue to experience new things. I am thankful Colin took off work so we could make some memories and enjoy some much needed quality time outside of the house before the business of spring hit.

Friday, March 21, 2014

I will NOT forget this night!

The following is another letter for my daughters to read one day when they are old enough but in the meantime if you would like to know how the bottle battle turns out long term.... I will keep you posted...

My sweet beautiful daughters...
I don't think I will ever forget this night. I have seen the clock since 10:30. It's killing me right now as the clock reads 3:38 and I know I have another 1.5 hours before I submit and give you a bottle.

But it is beyond needed. The numerous (4-5-6) times each that you wake up only to receive your little bottle of milk is beyond overwhelming and tiring for all of us. One day I will laugh and inform you that I hope you somehow receive a few nights of your own children keeping you up but tonight I can't quite laugh.

I love our pediatrician. He has been my much needed support and encourager as we have battled your fussy and sick spells and that's why I finally succumb to his advice. While I will say I didn't follow it as he asked I think I hit the main nail on the head.

I wasn't planning on doing this tonight. In fact I was excited because last night you both only woke up twice but tonight when you decided to start the bottle battle at 10:30 and were still going head strong at 12:15 I decided tonight was the night.

The past few nights I have just given you water in your bottles in hopes that eventually you would realize that it was pointless and stop waking up for it. It worked!.... for 3 nights you took an ounce of water and were right back to sleep and then tonight you realized that it wasn't quite what you wanted..... the only way you would stop is if I gave you that dreaded bottle of milk.

It's pretty obvious when you guzzle 4 oz of baby food and 6-8 oz of milk before bedtime that you don't need that bottle and so I decided to stick to my guns and I made myself a promise that you weren't getting any bottles tonight... regardless of the contents.

I have held you... rocked you... cuddled you... and sang to you for so many hours. But that stubbornness you both have... well lets just say you come by it honestly. So alas I think we will all three be taking good and long naps tomorrow!

But mostly I write this to inform you that I love you! And it is breaking my heart and oh how that bottle would give us all so much relief.... but I know that this battle will only continue and so it truly is out of love that I am doing this. We... all three of us... will so enjoy a full nights sleep and I'm just trying to help you get you there...

All my love
~your red brimmed, tired eyes... stubborn mother

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

6 Months

6 Months
Where has the time gone... already a half a year and a year since we first learned their were two... God has been so faithful!


How's it going?
Two weeks later and this mommy if finally getting around to do the actual 6 month update.
We are doing so good. The girls are so happy and we spend a lot of the day doing all sorts of different activities.

Still drinking the sam's brand formula which is wonderful! They do tend to spit up often on it but compared the dollar signs attached to the other formula I can take a few extra dirty clothes.

oh how I can't wait until I can actually change their sleeping status to sleeping all night... but once again I will report that we still like to get up a lot! Especially when they were sick. We are hoping that this next month goes a little better and we can start to stay in our cribs a little longer through the night. I am trying to get them out of the rock in plays so we have been working on holding/propping our bottles while on the ground.

The girls weighed around 15.5 (Montana) and 15.0 (Kynli) at six months. They are getting to be such little "big" girls. Still short for their age they are only 25.5 (Montana) and 26 (kynli)  inches tall. So as I have speculated I think our girls will only continue to be short.


My sweet Montana... she is our little mostly independent smarti. She can take a face plant and lift her head to smile.. as if to let mom  know she is JUST fine...She learned to flip from her back to her tummy AFTER kynli but boy once she figured it out it was hard to leave her by herself as she is now all over the place. She loves to be where mom is. Which is a switch from before. I can't seem to leave the room without her knowing. She has the most sweet smile and giggles!! It melts my heart to pieces especially when she gets a little tired and lays her head down on her mommy's shoulder. And that little girl who always hid from the camera has turned the corner... she was an all out ham at their 6 month pictures.


My caring Makynli,,. she is my heartbreaker. For some reason Makynli can make my heart melt really quick. If anything upsets her... she will let us know with the saddest little pout. Kynli learned to flip first but she would rather just lay around and twist. She is spunky ... but in such a different way than her sister. She will let me leave the room and play contently up until the point that her sister decides to touch her. Seriously.... it doesn't even have to be hard just a little tap on the head and kynli lets me know... tattletale! Kynli also makes us work a little harder for her giggles and I love it... Do I sense some stubbornness??

We are so blessed and thankful and enjoying this time.. It seems like they are learning new things every day!!!

 getting each others toes...
First outside experience. The dogs were being quite the protectors... it was so adorable!

Friday, March 7, 2014

To my girls

Dear Montana & Makynli

You have just turned 6 months! You are beautiful spirited little girls and so full of life. As I write this letter to you both with the hope that you will one day get to reread all of these posts I am overwhelmed with emotion as the past year comes flooding back.

One year ago we shared the exciting yet very scary news of our pregnancy. We were only 8.5 weeks and we were overwhelmed with emotion. Going back and reading my journal brings all the emotions back. I specifically remember that first stomach punch as I googled the term "momo twins" The realization of how quickly my 20 year old self grew up in a few moments.

How quickly learning that I had two miracles in me turned to fear as we waited for each approaching appointment. I realized in a matter of hours how fast you can learn to love someone or in our case (two) someones. How fast that parent instinct kicks in when you are unsure of the future that lies ahead for your little family.The dread as I want to bed each night wanting to dream about the future but to scared I would get my dreams crushed.

And then I realized it wasn't about me. The entire journey before our little family had nothing to do with me. It was all about Christ and bringing glory and honor to him in all things. And that meant I needed to sit back and start putting my trust in Him!

And then here we are girls! Here YOU are! If only I could put in writing how special you two are! The prayers that have been said for you both from so long ago!!! The letters received and the compassion shared with us as we began our journey to meet you both. The phone calls to mommy to encourage me as I laid waiting for you during the summer and all the wonderful visits and food sent our way.

And the miracles! Oh I never want to forget how much my faith was strengthened during that time. How after each appointment, after each week we passed I remember thanking and thanking God. And then there we were. 35 weeks and we welcomed you! Both of you! So healthy and strong. So full of life from the beginning.

And then life began. And things got messy. And I got tired. And you got cranky. And I fell in love, And we were busy. And slowly I began to forget the past year. I forgot the scary feelings, I forgot the dread, and I forgot the bed rest. Because when I look at you both all I see is a wonderful miracle that I would do over and over again!

Friday, February 28, 2014

The same BUT different

They have the same genetics. They came from the same egg. Some day I can't wait to tell them all about what a miracle they are. I can't wait to explain the miraculous ways of God and be able to use them as such an example.

I am also amazed at how very different my girls can be. I can't wait to watch their personalities continue to develop and today was no different. We just got another puppy (I know... what am I thinking?) anyway I brought her in for awhile to see how they would react.

and it was as follows


Makynli (left) Montana (right) 

and then it quickly developed into this

Montana was petrified of the dog. I couldn't even keep her in the same room. Makynli on the other hand kept grabbing the dogs ear and trying to put it into her mouth ( I succeeded in stopping her each time) Anyway it was so funny. I personally thought that they would react the opposite but.......

 these girls continue to keep their mom on her toes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

ps. the dog is kinda named right now but if you have a masculine sounding female dog name I would take any and all advice. Colin has one kinda picked out but he might be interested in ideas....

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ahhhhhhh RVS is DONE!!!

I don't think I have ever been happier for an ear infection. Why?

Colin was gone overnight Monday. To be honest I don't like to stay by myself and hadn't stayed alone before with just me and the girls but they seemed to be doing better so I wasn't totally overwhelmed. Well the girls did good on Monday and even fell asleep on the floor before bedtime on Monday night and I moved them into my bed. I climbed in right around 10 and everything want south from there!!!

Makynli woke up with a scream and it continued all night long. She slept in intervals of 15 minutes and I just couldn't get her to fall asleep. It was the longest night ever!!! Especially because I didn't have Colin next to me to encourage and give me support! Anyway we made it to 5:30 and I couldn't wait to call Colin any longer.. poor guy.

Makynli fell asleep for 1/2 hour then and when she started to cry around 6:30 I got her and she was burning up! After checking her temp and getting 102 I called Mom Steidinger and we decided that since she also had come down with RSV at the end of last week it was best to be safe and not risk dehydration so we were gonna take her to the Doctor.

They asked if I could arrive at 8:15 and I said yes even though it was pushing us. In the meantime Makynli was acting very unusual and her temp was now 104. She was just so so hot and almost limp in my arms. I was trying my hardest to keep her cool with a rag and yet get everything ready to leave Montana and head out with Makynli.

We got to the doctor a little late... 8:40? My apologies but I was not going to not show.. I did warn them I was gonna be late! Anyway my doctor listened to me and the recent events and then before examing Makynli warned mom Steidinger and me that he was pretty sure we could be looking at pneumonia. Once he checked her he scooted back and look at us... "Lynelle, it's crazy but her lungs are completely clear. completely"

So from their he decided to check her ears and the first look decided out fate! An extremely bad right ear infection. So although she has the lingering stuffy nose and cough from RSV birth girls have officially been cleared of the diagnosis and we are now just battling the ear infections.

 See mom you can't leave me for a second -Tana
 sleep training must be working ^  They fell asleep all by themselves on the floor while playing
 I struggle to help both girls sit up AND play with toys so then I remember another twin mommies solution! It worked fabulous!!
Montana ^
 Makynli ^
 Mom? Would you please tell Makynli to stop sucking on my toes!
My sick lil one THIS week ^kynli