Monday, April 21, 2014

1st Easter

well why not get two blogs in since I have the time?

This year Easter was very different. Having my own children really put a different spin on what exactly God did for us. Thinking of the love that God had for Christ and yet the sacrifice that was given made for a very intimate few days. Communion was taken with a bit more sincerity as I reflected on that night so many years ago! I really just can't imagine....

We spent Easter Sunday in Tremont to help as mom served lunch at church and enjoyed seeing old faces and catching up. I decided to get the girls Easter baskets. Reflecting on my youth... mom and dad always instilled in us the importance of Easter and what Jesus did for us but also gave us a few little goodies in an Easter basket. I didn't feel it overtook the importance of the day and so I hope to do the same for my girls.

Both girls really enjoyed finding out what was in their baskets. Just a wee bit more advanced than Christmas. However Montana didn't enjoy her goodies until she was inside and away from that ever so annoying itchy grass!

 Set them down for pictures and this is how it goes...
 Makynli digging right in
 Even posed for a picture
Makynli was not one bit impressed
 only okay once dad picked her up
 Makynli still posing for pictures
 Finally got Montana setteled for one decent picture
 Montana was much more interested once we got in the house!
 all tuckered out! X2
 So thankful to have this day with our family and to take time and remember the Sacrifice given for all of us if we accept it.

7 months

And I am so so late? Again... what is my excuse
nothing really. Except that it has been pretty out and I would rather be outside than inside my house this spring/summer.

7 months

How's it going?

It is crazy to me just how fast these months are going by. As I reflect on the past pictures I miss them as little babies. But I also love each new stage that comes along. And as much as I live in the moment with the girls I do look forward for the stages that are ahead.
Crawling/walking intimidate me quite a bit!!! but I get excited as they figure new things out and I'm sure as the months tick by I will only continue to enjoy watching them grow.
While their are moms I'm sure who would love to shrink their kiddos back to the baby stage and wrap them back up in blankets I don't think I would. Not that I didn't love them but if i'm completely open and honest it was so hard and exhausting that I truly don't have much of a desire. I think I didn't learn to truly enjoy the girls until they were about 6 months and this past month and a half has been so amazing!!! I find myself getting more attuned with their demands and the love just keeps growing and growing!
*maybe in a few years when we have another baby I can learn to love the baby stage!

It's been a fun month. We have gotten to enjoy the out doors a few times and have also kept mom very busy with how much we move and roll. The girls have spent several evenings being babysat by different church family's while Colin and I spent some quality time together. We so enjoy that people have been so kind and invested in helping Colin and I continue to get some time as just us two!!
The girls can eat like crazy! They are like two bottomless pits! We eat babyfood at breakfast and supper. They eat and eat and eat. I am so thankful that they aren't picky with their food. I have started to experiment with different types of yogurt puffs and they tend to enjoy those too. Brands can be slightly different and one particular brand doesn't melt near as fast which led to a scary gagging incident with Montana at church. After finally emptying her stomach after a very successful gag I quickly learned how fast my own stomach could turn into knots.
They are still on Sam's brand formula and have  6 oz every 4ish hours and 8 oz before bedtime.
PRAISE THE LORD!!! we have finally discovered what it is like to actually get some much needed sleep. I'm so thankful that I stuck to my guns because it worked so well. The girls go to bed around 8 and wake up at 4 for a bottle then back to bed till 5;30 or 6 IN THEIR CRIBS. Unfortunately then they are ready to rock n roll for the day but I won't complain as long as they are sleeping. Plus I have been taking their morning naps with them as long as the house if fairly clean.

We did end up going to the doctors at 7 months to check for ear infections which they both had. :( This is their 3rd ear infection each) So I did get weight checks and they were 16.2 for Montana and 16.0 for Makynli. Growing up quickly!!
 I actually took  them to the doctors by myself. It was a lot of work but very reassuring that I was able to! But boy... makes for some very tired arms!
I just thought this captured Montana perfectly. Always spitting up! Perfect timing!!!

My little smarty! She keeps both Colin and I on our toes. She is very quickly learning to crawl and also find everything she shouldn't get into. She eats any paper that she finds and generally enjoys to take any toy that her sister has. She has become the calm one at times and has become a bit more independent than her sister. I think that in part has to do with the fact that she gets around a little easier. She still loves her sister. She smiles and will giggleson occasion just by looking at Makynli. She remains to be the easy giggler and still loves to see her daddy when he gets in from work!
why yes mom... I can push of the wall and get where I want!

My little miss ornery. I don't even know if it's because of anything she does or if it's just her grin that gives her the nick name. But boy does she have a mischievous grin. She tends to be less of a go getter at learning new skills but isn't one bit afraid of people or animals. She is however easily annoyed by her sister! Which is still very frustrating during the day. She too loves her daddy and gives him that big flashy grin whenever she see's him. While I still tend to go back and forth on who will be the bigger talker I predict that Kynli is going to be a people person and care more about the randomness of life than her sister who prefers to be the leader and thinker!
so a little proof of miss ornery! Rock N Plays are now in storage!
More Memories
Spending time with Miss Liv
 Loving this weather and getting to go out and see daddy!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling ahead!

It wasn't until around the girls 5 month birthday that I realized what a fog I had been in. It wasn't a depressed fog... but more of an "always trying to catch up and stay ahead of life" fog. I felt like each day was another race.... I'm not sure if i'm describing this the right way but to me it makes sense. (smile)

When I first felt ahead was shortly after the girls came down with RSV. Strange? yes I know! But they seemed to be more tired and as long as I was in the room with them they were okay to lay on the floor or lay in the rock n plays. I finally could catch up on little things like laundry, book work, and cleaning without having to have another person here to watch the girls.

We did regress for about two weeks when their sleeping habbist want CRAZY and I was too concerned when my next nap would be than doing anything else but FINALLY we are back to our new normal.

The girls have been giving me 8 hour stretches every night (ya... still can't believe we finally made it to this point!) and now play very well on the floor together. Although they still like me to be in the room with them I can always move them to whatever room I'm cleaning so it's been handy.

Also with their new sleep habbits comes crazy happy and content little girls! The past two weeks have been so so much fun! They are working on crawling, giggling, and discovering each other. As the girls get older I'm amazed! God is so creative! The way He designed the human body is such a mystery, but I love it! It's been so fun to watch the girls slowly discover new things... even just the way they can now move their little fingers to grasp each others ears or to open the pages of a book is so intimate and amazing!!

Thankful that Gods grace continues and is so sufficient as we raise these girls.
Enjoy the random pictures of our last few weeks

"so big"
"look mom I can flap my arms like a bird"
 Traetyn came for a visit!
 such a ham for the camera!
to precious!
 Had some of my high school friends up for an evening of "catch up"
 Had some visitors.. The girls were on spring break and came out one day to help. Consisted of making supper, spoiling the girls, and giving these girls make overs!

and as always raiding aunt Lynelle's closet for shoes and anything else that remotely fits the girls.
 I love when they end up in the same position!
Montana ^
Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Making memories with the girls is so much fun!

Colin and I have only taken the girls away for a few nights once back in December. It want pretty smoothly so we decided to try again. Thanks to Colin's sister who invited us to go up with their family to Chicago for a night.

We also decided to bring my brothers along as Klayton was on Spring Break and has actually never been to Chicago before. It was wonderful to spend some time together and to watch them interact with the girls.

Also an update on the bottle battle... WE WON!! For the past week the girls have gone to bed around 8:30 and sleep until around 4:15. We give them a bottle and they will then sleep until 7:45 (sometimes even 8!!!!) I was slightly nervous that this trip would mess them up but they were amazing!! Bed a little late but slept all night!!! yay for this change. I feel like a whole new woman!!!

The kiddo's were so excited to get out of the car seat and stretch  out on the bed after the car ride down.
Supper at Rain Forrest Café' Great place to take kiddo's!!
 First time swimming.. So excited!!
 Montana ^
Makynli ^
It was a little cold so we only let them stay in for about 20 minutes but it was really fun! Can't wait for summer to get here!!
Having to be a little creative and inventive when feeding time comes around. Some pillows and a helpful hubby made for a pretty successful chow time!
 Makynli ^
Montana ^ 
All excited to go to the shed aquarium this morning!!

The girls enjoyed all the colorful fish! Definitely a good spot to take little girls who love to see  what's going on around them at all times
 Quality time with their uncles
The group watching the beluga whales
a few tired and one loony.... after several hours at the museum
Daddy & Makynli
Mommy and Montana
 Daddy/Daughter & Mommy/daughter... much needed one on one time!

Montana ^
The girls were such little good car riders. I was nervous especially as we have a trip to Colorado approaching us in June which is quite a bit longer than 2.5 hours.
It was so fun to be able to be with extended family but my favorite part is watching my girls continue to experience new things. I am thankful Colin took off work so we could make some memories and enjoy some much needed quality time outside of the house before the business of spring hit.