Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lots of things happening round here

The past few week has once again been busy. Imagine that! Prepare for a longish blog post. 
The girls have been fairly well behaved and I'm thankful for that. Colin finished up planting which was wonderful and was able to spend Saturday thru Monday with us. The girls couldn't have been happier!

Getting in some cousin bonding. I think this picture is just priceless! 

I bought the girls some outside lawn chairs... It was raining and windy do I brought them inside and the girls decided the following seemed appropriate. 

But when it was actually nice out the girls used them to watch their daddy while he worked in the yard

I just love their personalities! Such goofs!! 

Amidst the busyness I was able to squeeze in some cupcakes for a wedding. Just a few orders this coming week and then this prego momma is done for a little while. 

And if it isn't one kiddo it's the next. Two weeks ago I noticed one morning that
Montana had a limp. I gave it a few days to see if it was gonna get better and was planning to wait out the weekend and take her to the doctor the following Monday. 
However the limp was getting worse and started to be obvious to several people not just Colin and I. I was visiting my parents that Saturday and with their encouragement decided to take her into prompt care... Just incase it was a fracture of some sort. 
After a terrible experience... And horrible provider care we were sent home and told it was nothing. The following Sunday it got worse and by Monday morning I decided to attempt another visit, this time to our pediatrician. 
Thankfully he noticed within a few seconds that something was wrong. Whenever she walks she thrusts her whole leg out and it looks extremely awkward and painful. After hip and leg X-rays  we were able to rule out any fractures and there didn't seem to be any fluid on the joints. He thought it was possibly toxic synovitis. (when a viral infection settles in a joint) There is no way to actually diagnosis this condition other than it comes on rapidly and leaves rapidly. 
So with a typical 4 day recovery he sent us home with instruction to do ibuprofen every 8 hours and hope that it gets better. 
We snuck in a fun date together after our appt while daddy and Kynli did there own  thing. 

It's always extremely fun to have one on one time with each of the girls. And they tend to love it! 

In the middle of all these appointments our well decided to give out, so we spent the better part of three days without water before finding a temporary solution as they dig a new well. But made for a heaping pile of laundry after all was said and done. It's the little things we take for granite! 

I had an OB appt this week and the girls spent some time with grandma steidinger. The baby is measuring right on track for the middle of July. Probably currently somewhere between 4 & 5 lbs she estimated. 

Kynli mastering the skills of being a mother to multiples while at grandmas. 
My girly girls who love their farm animals 

We continued our week as normal, while monitoring Montana's limp. Only to watch as it has gotten worse and worse. She started loosing her balance this past Thursday and would fall often and by most evenings spent most of the time sitting on the floor. So Friday I decided I had had enough and took her back to the doctor. 
He thinks it's wise we visit a pediatric orthopedic since it's progressively getting worse. But we left his office with the expectation of waiting yet another 3-4 weeks before we can get into ortho in Peoria (closet place that has a pediatric orthopedic) 

Friday evening we attended Colin's youngest brothers graduation from high school. Congrats Chad! 

Saturday was wonderful! Colin and I spent the day working on projects and the girls enjoyed the outdoors. 

It's all fun and games until ur sister pours cold water on ur head. 

We power washed the house and sidewalks, mulched, put on the screen door, planted a few more flowers, and put on the window box. 

That evening we needed to fill up our water tank (remember our well want out on us.... Ahhhh the joys of adulthood) and with the hopes that keeping Montana active would help her limp improve we headed to fairbury and the park. 
But someone would still rather be carried to all the fun equipment. 
Miss Kynli enjoying the twirly whirl thing. Yuck! Made me almost nauseous just watching her spin round and round. 
Sunday morning rolled around and her leg still seemed to be have gotten worse. She spent most of Sunday wanting to be held and wasn't interested in walking around at all while at church. 

Monday my family came up around noon to hang out. And then we headed into the Kilgus lake to celebrate grandmas 80th birthday. 

All the grand kids that were ably to make it. 

Uncle bob and aunt carol (grandmas sister from Oregon) Grandkids, & great Grandkids

We almost had all the great Grandkids. Just missing a couple I believe. So thankful and blessed that so many of these kids will get to have memories with these two. 
I could almost cry when I see her holding my kiddos. I have had so many memories and countless minutes of phone conversations with my grandma. And goodness i just love her! So blessed!! 

When I was little I honestly didn't really appreciate being called "little Arlene." But.... It's growing on me the older I get. 

This morning the girls decided to sleep in until a beautiful 9:30. And so did their momma! I have felt so so good with this pregnancy that sometimes I forget that it's okay to take an extra nap or to kick my feet up every now and then. We also hit 33 weeks yesterday and since that was the last time I captured a picture of myself prego with the twins I thought I should compare them. 

Hmmm can you guess which is which? 

Also this morning I called the doctor back. I'm a researcher. So sometimes at night I lay in bed and I research what's wrong with my kiddos. From working at a doctors office I don't usually get worked up about things as typically nothing is ever as bad as google makes it seem. But from what I can tell if Montana really had toxic synovitis it should be well on its way to recovery instead of getting worse. 

I think because she has a twin we can see just how much it's slowing her down. And it's really breaking our hearts to watch as she gives up knowing she isn't gonna be able to follow along fast enough to keep up with sissy or when she she looks at me and says owiee as she sits down to rest.
 So I decided to call and use the prego mom getting close to full term excuse and decided that I didn't care if we had to go to Springfield I really really want to be seen in the next week or two. It just seems to scary to put something as important as her everyday walking in limbo because I don't want to seem paranoid or be that "over the top" mom. 

So that's been our last two weeks in a nutshell. Busy, busy, and more busy but blessed as usual and thankful for each day The Lord gives us! 

I'll try to do my best at updating the blog but sometimes life just gets away from me. 

God bless! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Help wanted!

I just got home from grocery shopping, Colin stayed home with the girls and I ran to Bloomington because our house was void of food. And unlike most mothers who enjoy the few hours of getting away and walking up and down aisles of food, I hate it!!! 

I've tried for almost two years now to enjoy the task of collecting food for my family. I want to be that mom who loves to find good deals and enjoys collecting her thoughts as she travels from store to store getting the necessities she needs. But I just don't. I like shopping for the other things it's the food aisles and the forever long list that get to me. 

 Or maybe it's just that I don't want to spend my evenings grocery shopping when I could be home with my family for the whole 2 hours that we are all awake and home at the same time.

I used to be more of the run in, grab a few items, and run back out kind of grocery shopper. But we found out pretty quickly how much higher that makes our grocery budget each month. So a couple months ago I started meal planning. Which I love. I love sitting down, scrolling through Pinterest and recipe books collecting all sorts of yummy food ideas for the coming month. Then I sit down and write up my list. I grab everything for the month in one trip and make a second trip halfway trough for extra produce. It worked fabulous on cutting our budget... Thing is it takes a lot of time and a fairly long shopping trip to get it all done. 

So here is my plea... With the baby on the way and people always offering to help and me not having anything specific, here it is! I'm gonna put it out there for anyone who wants it. 

Help wanted: grocery shopper person 

I will meal plan monthly or every two weeks. (Whatever works best for you) I give you my list and you head to Aldi's and what you can't find their either get at meijers or Walmart. You pick. I will obviously pay for the groceries and your service. 

Message or send me a text if you are interested. 

Tehee! Can't believe I made this a blog post (my hubby will think I'm rediculous... But then again knowing we will actually have food on hand may make him excited) but because most people who have offered there assistance are my regular blog followrs I decided it might be worth a shot.

 for those who are rolling your eye balls or even laughing inside at me I'll throw in a picture or two of the girls to satisfy your blog reading for now.  

Always fun to clean out moms pantry

Time to get supper on the table mom.

I'll thank you for reading even though it was an abnormal post. 
God bless! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Keeping entertained.

My apologies to all those who have inquired about kynli's spider bite. We are thankful to report that it looks ten times better. I am not sure if it will scar or not but for what things could have been we know she was fortunate. 

In the meantime this past week has been gloomy, which meant we had to find solutions for active little girls who get sick of being confined to their house. 
They loved the fishIES at meijers. 

And yes, I am that parent whose children you see running loose at the store and wonder where their mother is at. But they were just having soooo much fun. 

Part of their amazement in stores is probably because I never take them anywhere by myself... Hmmm I wonder why

The toy aisle... 

Hmmm makynli I think that Barbie car is just a weee bit small for you. 

We got the girls a water table and Colin put it together for me that night... This is how I found the girls in it the following morning. 

But they do love it! I'm excited to watch them make memories and to have a few more things to play with outside. 

Cousin Cy came out one afternoon to hang out. The girls have slight issues playing with other kids so I'm grateful for willing sister n laws who like to sit in the sun while my/our children work on bonding. 

Someone thinks a hat is the solution the when it's raining and she really doesn't want to be indoors anymore! 

Colin took the girls with him to run errands on Saturday. He said they did pretty good I was mighty impressed that he made it to three different stores. This was his solution for lunch! I thought it was pretty adorable, not to mention I didn't have to come up with an idea myself. 

Helping me finish off a few extra cupcakes... Isn't he just such an impressive man... So many talents. I'll keep him around. 

We had Mother's Day with Colin's family Sunday and I snagged a few pictures.
Karli wanted to be goofy. 

Olivia and Tana making sure Owen is well cared for.

Playin kick ball with aunt Myra. 

Just having so much fun outside!!

Still being oh so motherly! 

Monday was a rough one. Resulting in quiet time and bottels by 9:30. 

I've been getting a few things ready for baby 3's arrival. I'm pretty sure we are gonna have some issues when it comes to finding a safe place for this baby. 

Taking over Taelyns swing when we were babysitting on Tuesday. 

We babysat sweet Tae on Tuesday and I had to snag a picture of the girlies. 
Poor Tae

That's right... Fight back a little

And our best one. 

it was a little cold this morning but by afternoon I was ready to kick the girls outside and they were more than willing... So so thankful for our fence. It was worth every single penny. I love their sense of adventure
So as I'm writing this blog my hubster comes running inside with one of our sweet kitties. Sure enough, we knew it was bound to happen but as Colin was heading out to run an errand the cats were all curled up in the engine. Thankfully it was nothing that triple antibiotic and a hello kitty band aid couldn't fix. 

We also got to see our newest sweet little niece tonight. We are so excited for Clint and LeAnne as they welcome little miss Jade. And just a tad more apprehensive as the next two months go by. 

Thanks for reading. 
God Bless.