Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Crazy!!

I always say that we are busy around this house. Well that's almost an understatement. Recently I had my mother n law watch the girls so I could catch up on book work. I spent the whole day sitting in a chair looking at a computer. It was so surreal!
Not one little peep was made, no mad dashes to grab a baby before they plummet down the stairs. No picking paper and plastic out of anyone's mouth. No grabbing a baby off of another before screaming begins, no stopping chores to feed, dress, change, or put a baby to bed. I think we all get the point...
It was only the 2nd time since the girls have been born that I have been alone in my house. CRAZY!!! But the thing was I really really enjoyed it! I struggle to ask for help. Have since the day the girls were born. But getting time to myself so I could do normal everyday activities in peace was more than needed and appreciated.
So with the advice of a few people I have decided to get a day a week away from these crazy's. it isn't to go out and spoil myself.... it's so I can simply stay ahead on my chores, book work, and cleaning. I'm sure some will roll their eye's and think I am being very spoiled. And maybe I am who knows. I'm just grateful for those who have offered to help out.  
And incase you are one of those who think I'm ridiculous or someone who wants to see the crazy's in action I added a few pictures to help justify my day to myself.
 but mom we love emptying bags
 Look mom we can do everything that Traetyn can. Which included climbing face first over that bar... only a few tears followed
 whats that mom??? oh.. you were trying to fold these clothes?
 well good luck
 But mom we were hungry for more cheerios
Oh... so this isn't for eating???
but I love splashing in the dirty goop that dropped off the dishes
I guess even I have come to realize that while I love being a twin mommy it's okay to admit defeat sometimes. It's okay to reach out and ask for help. So I am! and I think while it will be a wonderful getaway for me it will be great for the girls as well! I'm hoping it will solve some of our clingy problems as well.

The only time the girls are completely content and happy is when we are swimming. And while I would love to take them everyday all day that doesn't help out the to do list either.
So thankful for my little loves, and excited to be able to appreciate them a little more!
God Bless!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

9 & 10 months

9 & 10 Months

With so many unexpected events in the past months getting the 9 month blog up was put on the back burner so I figured I would try to recall all of the past events and combine it with their 10 month update

 How's it Going?
We are doing good. So busy my days feel like a whirlwind at times. I remember in high school I would watch the clock tick waiting for the bell to ring. Today I wonder where all of those minutes in my day go. From breakfast to lunch to dinner we are going going going at this household. Ohhh... and check out these 10 month pictures... a beautiful portrayal of what my life is like in just 5 snap shots.


Seriously the best one I could get
We are eating strictly human food. At the nine month mark the girls would eat off of their plates but they didn't mind if I fed them either (just as long as it wasn't babyfood) This past month however little miss Montana WILL NOT eat off of a spoon. She will only eat off her tray and by herself. Such independent and stubborn child I have

We are sleeping very well unless there is a storm. Most nights the girls are in bed between 8-9 and sleep until 5 or so for there first bottle. Then they go back to sleep until usually 7:30. It's been wonderful! In fact we had a rough night the other night when it stormed and it made me wonder how I ever survived the first 8 months.

The girls are small for their age as expected. However since they are also very short 20th % they look proportional. The girls have held steady at 18.3lbs for the past month. I think with the business that has begun their wait has stabilized for awhile.

At around 9.5 months. Both girls popped their first tooth on the same day.. and it was the same tooth. craziness... Montana has since gotten another and Makynli is working on it based off the poor rash that has arrived on her rear.

My sweet girl. Stubborn but sweet! She generally likes mom or Makynli to be in the same room as her but I do find her wondering off on her own sometimes which excites me. She is crawling and standing up on things. I think she could stand alone if she wanted to... but I will let her get to it in her own time. She shares much much better than her sister and generally doesn't mind if her sister steals her toys. As much as I say Montana is stubborn she is also pretty easy going. When I mention her stubbornness I think I am referring to her temper. It's crazy how mad she can get. Thankfully it is slowly becoming less often. But even with that temper she is generally the easier one to take in church and has even become quite smiley to others.

Oh this child! How she makes my day less boring. She has this newfound squeal. She has definitely found her voice and she knows how to use it! UGH!!!! She isn't even mad when she is squealing, just letting us know that she wants more food, held, or that she is thirsty. Their is no controlling or preparing for it either. Hence, why this mother would rather take Montana into church! But besides the squeal Makynli more independent. She is a wonderful eater and her smile can brighten the darkest days. She is more aggressive than her sister and will take any toy from anyone and isn't as fond of her sister when her toys are stolen. She is crawling and standing on things as well.

It is very very busy at the Steidinger household as we venture into unknown territory with these two. As crazy and hard as it is I love them to pieces and am looking forward to all these knew memories!!

God Bless!

Monday, July 7, 2014

The 4th!

We had a wonderful 4th with the girls. It is always exciting to start new traditions and this holiday was no different. Colin absolutely loves the 4th. From the time we were engaged to this year he is always expressing how enjoyable he finds the holiday.

We started the day by going to Sibley and watching dad participate in the barrel water fight that the firefighters put on. It was several different stations from around the area. Unfortunately daddy didn't win but it is fun to watch and the girls were entertained.

We then headed home to clean up for our company we had invited for the evening. Then right back to Sibley to participate in the parade. Colin drove the Engine and he was SO SO excited to have the girls and I join him for the ride. For such a tiny town I was mighty impressed with the parade!!!

Then home to wait for company to arrive. We had several different young couples over and had an enjoyable evening. We deep fried food and then had burgers and everyone brought a side dish. It was WAY to much food but I guess it wouldn't be a party without food!!!

Then packed everyone up and finished off the day with fireworks at .... SIBLEY! Yes that small town puts on a quite an independence day!

So thankful for the time spent with my hubby and girls. But most importantly thankful for our freedom!!

I am gonna try to do the girls 9 and 10 month update this week and also load the pictures from vaca so stay tuned!











Thursday, June 19, 2014

Heaven's Angel

I have sat down to write this post several times now. I haven't written any other posts because I knew this one needed done. But each time I sat down my hands didn't know what to type.

Grace Marie Thompson
It's been two weeks since I have received a text from her. The longest time my phone has ever gone without a text or Facebook update from her. And the hardest part is knowing that the time will only continue to go on. My heart is still aching. My eye's still brim with tears when I think that she is truly gone. But I know she is in a better place.

Monday June 9th. Gracie left her earthly home to go be with her Heavenly Father. I am so thankful that God provided and I was able to be with her that day. The events make my heart physically hurt. I knew Grace was in the hospital for having trouble breathing. It didn't seem serious but I still wanted to go see her and cheer her up since she had done that for me several months back. I met Grace's father in the hall as I was headed to her room. I was just stopping by to chat for a bit but he hurried me on up to help cheer her up as she was getting ready to head into the ICU.

I missed her.

By the time I had arrived Grace was being sedated so that she didn't have to feel any pain and so I looked at her sweet face expecting to see her awake in a few days and headed to the corner of the room to talk with Grace's mom. Things quickly declined and in a matter of moments we were asking God for a miracle... and God gave us that miracle!

When I left the hospital that day I knew Grace was in serious condition but she was stable and I was hopeful to come back in a few days to cheer her up again. That time wouldn't come. Gracie was called Home shortly after I left.
I don't know how to even begin to describe our friendship. We have been friends for over 10 years. I am not sure why we were so connected to each other or even when the connection exactly began. But I loved our friendship. Gracie had a heart of gold and maybe that's what drew me in. Or maybe it was that big smile that ran across her face. What ever it was it created a wonderful bond.
We made great memories together, fun memories. I know where she likes to eat, and where she doesn't!!! I know that she likes when I text her back within 5 minutes!! I know that she loved my girls and asked about them more than anyone else!

She was an angel the moment she was born on this earth. And unlike most deaths this one was a little easier to handle. There wasn't a single ounce of doubt in anyone's mind that Gracie was singing praises with the Lord seconds after her earthly heart stopped beating.
Gracie is happy and healthy up in the sky. She can speak fluently and she doesn't have to repeat herself to anyone anymore. She is enjoying the beautiful weather without a single worry of wind. She might even become the new cat lady in heaven. I'm sure that since she has her own mansion their isn't a single cat that has to worry about finding shelter! Those dogs though.... don't know if she will let them in? Who know's... maybe.

While we rejoice in the joy of Grace's new home it doesn't mean that we won't miss her. Oh goodness will I miss her. The thought that this will be the first blog update that won't get a response from her...


She loved these little girls. So so much!!!! I'm gonna miss her text asking about them and notifying her each time I visit Tremont. She was a great Aunt Grace!!!

God has the perfect timing! I'm grateful we were given 22 years with Grace. I know she lived a very fulfilled life and while I will miss her so so much, this lifetime is but a vapor. And I'm thankful for one more person that I know I will get to see again someday!